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St. Lawrence County Cancer Fund

Top Fundraisers: 1979-2017

39 Years of Walking

(and Running, and Bicycling...)

with a Purpose!

Top fundraiser and all individuals raising $1000 in a year of participation in the EDWARD I. MOSES WALK/RUN for LIFE:

1979 James Powers—$308.55
1980 James Powers—$426
1981 Linda Backus—$650 and Roger Hazel—$650   
1982 James T. Smith —$721
1983 James T. Smith—$1212 and Michael Aldrich—$1130
1984 Michael Aldrich—$2061 and James T. Smith—$1346
1985 Bill Barr—$681.81                            
1986 Bill Barr—$951.70
1987 Bill Barr—$181         
1988 Bill Barr—$1660 and Warren Dyke—$1000
1989 Mary Ann Cawley—$1200                
1990 Kathy Clement—$1200
1991 Chris Leonard—$688                        
1992 Jason Woodall—$306
1993 Warren Dyke—$482                          
1994 Nicholas MacKey—$592
1995 Nicholas MacKey—$817                  
1996 Nicholas MacKey—$1025
1997 Nicholas MacKey—$1406                
1998 Nicholas MacKey—$2063 and Warren Dyke—1240
1999 Nicholas Mackey—$2100 and Karla MacDonald—$1025
2000 Nicholas MacKey—$2621, Sylvia Bell—$1355, and Ryan Saidel—$1110
2001 Nicholas MacKey—$3130, Ryan Saidell—$1360, Sylvia Bell—$1300, and Karen Perry—$1000
2002 Jim Curtis and family—$1032

2003 Nicholas MacKey—$2652, Curtis family—$2261, Jean Hayes—$1647, Gerald Ware—$1525, Ryan Saidel—$1500, Sylvia Bell—$1474, Nancy Lashbrooks—$1275, Mark Brackett—$1100, Ellis and Helen Curtis—$1085, and Jim Moses—$1050

2004 Charlie Saidel—$5615, Jim Curtis—$2455, Ed MacKey Jr.—$2386, Robert Porter—$2035, Warren Dyke—$1770, Sylvia Bell—$1660, Jodi Kirk Dingle—$1580, Jean Hayes—$1550, Nancy Lashbrooks—$1520, and Mark Brackett—$1100.

2005 Robert Porter—$7315, Charles Saidel—$4555, Jim Curtis family—$2794, Ed MacKey—$2629, Jodi Hopsicker—$2278, Jean Hayes—$1698, Nancy Lashbrooks—$1610, Sylvia Bell—$1576, Warren Dyke—$1500, Jodi Dingle—$1405,Dan Aldous—$1220, Philip MacKey—$1136, Mark Brackett—$1075, and Gerald Ware—$1064.

2006 Robert Porter—$10,200, Charles Saidel—$4585, Jim Curtis family—$3019, Karen Perry—$2500, Warren Dyke—$2425, Nancy Lashbrooks—$2367, Jean Hayes—$2200, Edward MacKey Jr. —$2083, Jodi Hopsicker—$1623, Sylvia Bell—$1556, Jane Dyke—$1050, James Moses—$1045, Beulah Ritchie—$1005, and Mark Brackett—$1001.

2007 Robert Porter—$10,852, Charles Saidel—$3158, Nancy Lashbrooks—$2767, Jean Hayes—$2223,  Jim, EJ, and Sami Curtis—$2096, Sylvia Bell—$1873, Warren Dyke—$1521, Jodi Hopsicker—$1420, Tina Hall—$1326, Mark Brackett—$1320, Jane Dyke—$1310, Wyatt Porter—$1050, Beulah Ritchie—$1064, Carrie Porter—$1050, Edward MacKey Jr. —$1032, Bridget Gordinier—$1030, Elaina Porter—$1021, Elaine Perry—$1005, and Colleen Cunningham—$1000.

2008 Robert Porter—$6145, Warren Dyke—$4525, Jim, EJ, and Sami Curtis—$3114, Charles Saidel—$2808, Karen Perry—$2700, Jodi Hopsicker—$2485, Shauna Wheeler—$2225,Jean Hayes—$1650, Sylvia Bell—$1510,Nancy Garrand—$1300, Beulah Ritchie—$1251, Clyde Shireman—$1176, Carrie Porter—$1172, Elaine Perry—$1170, James Moses—$1160, Jodi Dingle—$1019, Jane Dyke—$1015, Craig Siddon—$1005, Elaina Porter—$1000, Shirley Putman—$1000, Louden Porter—$1000, Wyatt Porter—$1000, Declan Porter—$1000, Mattigan Porter—$1000, and Bridget Gordinier—$1000.

2009 Elaine Perry—$11,100, Robert Porter—$4497, Sami Curtis—$3642, Charles Saidel—$3225, Jodie Hopsicker—$2200, Melissa Murdie—$2200, Warren Dyke—$2200, Beulah Ritchie—$1848, Sylvia Bell—$1670, Tina Hall—$1462, Jean Hayes—$1320, Ed MacKey Jr. —$1066, Karen Perry—$1032, Jane Dyke—$1020, Nana & Papa Curtis, St. Lawrence Gas, Ogdensburg Walmart, Gap, Inc., Gary Sullivan, Hacketts Hardware, Northern Mechanicals, Mark Brackett, Louden Porter, Mattigan Porter, James Moses, Declan Porter, Carrie Porter, Elaina Porter, and Wyatt Porter all with $1000.

2010 Sami Curtis—$4875, Warren Dyke—$2551, Melissa Deso—$2075, Bob Porter—$1845, Sylvia Bell—$1641, Tina Hall—$1410, Beulah Ritchie—$1372, Melissa Myers—$1320, Ed MacKey—$1275, Sandra Rahn—$1170, Braden Garrow—$1145, Carrie Porter—$1126, Elaine Perry—$1085, Cindy Murdie—$1065, Mike Cloonan—$1044, Rita Clarke—$1035, Brent Deso—$1000, Kim Felix—$1000, Jill Mouthorp—$1000, and Peter Wallen—$1000.

2011 Sami Curtis—$3125, Melissa Deso—$2050, Cindy Murdie—$1927, Hannah Wlasowicz—$1575, Jodi Hopsicker—$1493, Braden Garrow—$1447, Jean Hayes—$1440, Robert Porter—$1200, Mark Brouillette—$1120, Sylvia Bell—$1100, Elaine Perry—$1012, Angela Gollinger—$1005, Bonnie Ashley—$1000, Mandie Mousaw—$1000, and Jill Mouthorp—$1000.

2012 Sami Curtis—$4680, Melissa Deso—$2925, Braden Garrow—$2925, Jean Hayes—$1586, St. Lawrence Gas—$1430, Jill Mouthorp—$1425, Beverly Sabad—$1300, Sylvia Bell—$1300, Cindy Murdie—$1300, Warren Dyke—$1295, Brent Deso—$1250, Elaine Perry—$1101, Mark Brouillette—$1100, Robert Porter—$1050, Carrie Porter—$1020, Nichole Murdie—$1000, Reginald Murdie—$1000, and Bonnie Ashley—$1000.

2013 Sami Curtis—$4268, Theresa Pennyfeather—$3235, Melissa Deso—$2520, Warren Dyke—$2475, Beverly Sabad—$2295, Jean Hayes—$1870, Nichole Murdie—$1825, Cindy Murdie—$1418, Tammy Campbell—$1414, Jill Mouthorp—$1400, Braden Garrow—$1332, Brent Deso—$1305, Bonnie Ashley—$1230, Elaine Perry—$1205, Sylvia Bell—$1200, Nancy Garrand—$1100, and Reggie Murdie—$1000.

2014 Sami Curtis—$4479, Tammy Campbell—$2506, Warren Dyke—$2410, Nancy Garrand—$2400, Theresa Pennyfeather—$2120, Cindy Murdie—$1913, Brent Deso—$1820, Beverly Sabad—$1586, Melissa Deso—$1550, Bonnie Ashley—$1330, Elaine Perry—$1328, Lisbon Interact—$1292, Jill Mouthorp—$1250, Jessica Bogardus—$1243, Cyndi Measheaw—$1125, Penny Bogardud—$1070, St. Lawrence Gas—$1000, Reggie Murdie—$1000, and Susan Hughes—$1000.

2015 Sami Curtis—$2870, Tammy Campbell—$2843, Brent Deso—$1885, Warren Dyke—$1780, Theresa Pennyfeather—$1435, Braden Garrow—$1423, Cyndi Meashaw—$1357, Elaine Perry—$1228, Melissa Deso—$1200, Beverly Sabad—$1080, Cindy Murdie—$1080, Sphia Kotz—$1040, Bonnie Ashley—$1015, and Nancy Garrand—$1010.

2016 Sami Curtis—$3028, Warren Dyke—$2200, Tammy Campbell—$2153, Theresa Pennyfeather—$1618, Brent Deso—$1605, Beverly Sabad—$1434, Cindy Murdie—$1380, Logan Hill—$1167, Braden Garrow—$1150, Virginia Reed—$1121, Elaine Perry—$1118, Mike Ober—$1066, Ivey Garrow—$1025, Jim Moses—$1005, and Melissa Deso—$1000.

2017 Sami Curtis—$3435, Tammy Campbell—$2573, Virginia Reed—$2152, Warren Dyke—$1800, Mike Ober—$1366, Elaine Perry—$1200, Michelle Bresett—$1080, Theresa Pennyfeather—$1075, Linda Hartson—$1035, Velma Matthews-Smith—$1000, and Beverly Sabad—$1000.