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At the 2017 Walk/Run for Life, participants dedicated their efforts to:

Linda Smith Agotta    Kim Anjari    Colin Arquiett    Patricia Arquitt    Darcie Ashley    Joyce Blood    June Bradish    Ida Bresett    
Bud Brice   Eleanor Burke    Cammie    Shane Chapman    Michelle Christy    Chet Chotkowski    Bruce Claridge    Doris Clement    
Howard & Joanne Cohen     Laura Cordts    Benjamin Cuda    Samantha “Sami” Curtis    Betty Dana    Anne Dawson    Mike DeCastro    
Allan Denis    Joseph Devito Sr.    Robert Durant    Frances Dusharm    Larry Dusharm    Bill Eldridge    Michelle Evans    
Family members    David P. Fayette    Jake Ferrick    Shawn Firkel    Hector Foisy Sr.    Ray & Lucile Foisy    Friends    Donald Gilbert
Gaylord “Sonny” Gladle Sr.    Hazel Gravelle    David Gushlaw    William Harper    Harold Hazen    Charles Herhdzer  
 Lisa Hoy
Ken & Dolores Hughes    Peggy Jenner    Jason Jensi    Aunt Karen    Michelle Kerr    Laura Patten Kilcoyne    Shirley Kirk    Ruth LaDuke
Jason LaForty    Mrs. Lane    William R. LaShomb    Alton LaVack    Gerald LaVare    Peg “Nana” LaVigne    Mark Lee    Loren Leonard
Tina Lira    Arnold Loeber    Leona Wilson Loeber     Tex Matthys    Carey Martin    Joanne Mazfield     Colleen McCarthy    
Allen & Evelyn McCready    William McIntosh    Arthur Merrill    Mallory Mitchell    Michael Mitchell    “Mom” / Mother    Alfred Mueller
Eric Murdie    Karen Osoway    Parents    Timothy Patten    Roland & Margaret Peck    John Morgan Pennyfeather     Eileen Perry
Gary P. Perry    Remith Perry    Sue Perry    Kay Pollard    Terry Reome    Paul K. Randall    Bev Richards    Kathleen & Ed Russell
Shine Sabad    Ryan Saidel    Doug Salhari    Mary Sue Seymour    William F. Short    Alice Sherman    Anne Warren Smith    Frank Smith

Nick Snider    Mickey Sornsin    Cindy & Dean Talcott    Dan Walker    Carlton “Joe” Ware    Grace Dyke-Ware    Kolby Weaver    
Virginia Weaver    Mark Whyte    Beth Allison Bacon Williams     Jean Williams    Thedore “Ted” Williams    Arthur Wilson    Roger Yelle
Bob Young    Donna Young    Walter Zeller Jr.

Top Teams

See more photos from                                  last year's .          event.

Top 10 Fundraisers

Award Winners

Sami Curtis     $3425 

Tammy Campbell     $2573 

Virginia Reed     $2152 

Warren Dyke     $1800 

Mike Ober     $1366 

Elaine Perry     $1200 

Jim Moses     $1155 

Michelle Bresett     $1080 

Theresa Pennyfeather     $1075 

Linda Hartson     $1035
Velma Matthews-Smith & Beverly Sabad  $1000

Team Eric  $4810 Richard E. Winter Award Winner
Team Terri & Sami     $4025 

30 Milers     $3605
Team Gladle     $2983

The Stumps     $1935
Center for Care @ CPH     $1765

Ryan's Team     $1740

Lisbon Central "Knight Walkers"     $1710

Walking for Walt     $1408

Madrid Waddington High School     $1270

Taylor Cup    Kinney Administration
Shirley Kirk Award    Nancy Garrand
Terri Curtis Award   Cindy Murdie
Bonnie Hayden Award (2nd place school)
Madrid Waddington High School
Ryan Saidel Award (top school)
Lisbon Central "Knight Walkers"
Duane Garrow Award (top fundraiser under 13)
Logan Hill
Roscoe Stowell Jr. Award (top student fundraiser)
Kelvin Bice
Douglas C. Hartson Sr. Award top fundraiser
Samantha "Sami" Curtis



Founded in 1979, the Edward I. Moses Walk/Run for Life has been raising money toward the local fight against cancer for decades! Thanks to the sponsorship of local businesses we are able to reward participants with prizes, goodie bags and t-shirts while still keeping every dollar raised in St. Lawrence County. To date, the E.I. Moses Walk/Run for Life has raised nearly $1.5 million which has been distributed to local charities.

$51,000 Raised at the 2017 

Edward I. Moses Walk/Run for Life!