St. Lawrence County Cancer Fund

We are extremely grateful to those who have supported us in the past and are looking forward to continuing our work toward this very important cause. Please consider partnering with us in the local battle against cancer by taking part in one of our future events.

Individuals and institutions alike can use the contact form to the left to request more information about the St. Lawrence County Cancer Fund, its programs, or upcoming events. 

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Massena Memorial Hospital Hosts monthly Skin Cancer Screenings which are free to the community. MMH will also support the offering of educational seminars including Colorectal Cancer awareness, Melanoma Cancer detection and awareness, Ovarian, Uterine and Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer will be provided free of charge throughout the community.

Canton-Potsdam Hospital Using funds from SLCCF, the Center for Cancer Care provides transportation for residents who were receiving treatment at their facility. Their vehicles dedicated to transporting patients logs more than 20,000 miles each year and is used sometimes daily by their patients. Recently, they have expanded opportunities for education for patients and families undergoing treatment, as well as providing items to increase quality of life.

Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center  CHMC continued its partnership with Dr. Brandy to provide 8 free colonoscopies. Additionally, they will offer 70 low dose CT lung cancer screenings with the help of the St. Lawrence County Cancer Fund.

Jules of Life The on-going partnership between the SLCCF and Jules of Life has provided assistance to pediatric cancer patients. Most recently, the Cancer Fund has provided support to create a website with a wealth of information for all who encounter cancer.

Ryan's Wish Foundation Provides assistance to families and individuals as they travel to cancer treatment appointments. Recipients receive gifts of gas cards, money for hotel stays, help with regular maintenance of vehicles for travel, funds for medical co-pays and help with medications not covered by insurance. On average Ryan’s Wish helps approximately 100 families and distributes nearly $30,000 each year to help with cancer related expenses. The need for this program increases daily.

St. Lawrence Health Initiative’s Cancer Services Program  Since its affliation with the Walk/Run beginning in 1997 the program has offered free screenings for breast, cervical and colon cancer. Through these screenings they have diagnosed 57 cases of breast cancer, 1 case of invasive cervical cancer and 253 precancerous diagnoses. They have performed 516 colonoscopies resulting in the diagnosis of 9 cases of cancer. Additionally, CSP will assist community residents with follow-up procedures and care related to positive screening results.

Hospice and Palliative Care of St. Lawrence Valley  Funds from the SLCCF used to increase the quality of life for cancer patients by providing Palliative Care follow-up and case management services. This care assists the patient and family in aligning goals of care with treatments being provided. Additional support provided by the Case Manager links patients and families with resources that help to manage the illness while maintaining quality of life.

Gouverneur Business Women Breast Cancer Fund Works to alleviate financial barriers to proper health care for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and provides assistance with basic necessities such as; medical care, transportation, nutritious foods, housing and utility assistance and child care while patients receive treatment.

The Edward I. Moses
​Walk / Run for Life

Founded in 1979, the Edward I. Moses Walk/Run for Life has been a leader in raising money for the local fight against cancer. Thanks to the sponsorship of local businesses we are able to reward participants with prizes, goodie bags and t-shirts while still keeping every dollar raised in St. Lawrence County. This event is the primary fundraiser for the St. Lawrence County Cancer Fund which provides funding for programs that work to educate the community and help with the prevention, early detection and diagnosis of cancer for local residents. To date, the E.I. Moses Walk/Run for Life has raised nearly $1.5 MILLION, which has been distributed to local charities.

Listed below are the programs supported by the funds raised during the Walk/Run with a brief description of the services they provide to those in the community. For more information, contact Kellie Hitchman at (315) 244-1801.


      The Edward I. Moses Walk isn't the only thing we do!

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The St. Lawrence County Cancer Fund

In 2011, the fundraising committee responsible for the popular Edward I. Moses Walk reorganized into the St. Lawrence Cancer Fund,  with the intention expanding efforts beyond a single annual event, encouraging greater ongoing support from the community.  The mission remains the same though: we are and always  will be dedicated to the local fight against cancer. The organization is made up of a group of volunteers and prides itself on the fact that ALL proceeds remain in St. Lawrence County to benefit our friends and neighbors. The need for these important programs increases daily.

Funded Programs

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