Canton-Potsdam Hospital
Dr. Berard$1475
Food Fighter's$1346
Center for Cancer Care$1290
April's Fools$220
Alton LaVackDr. Marco Berard$1,475.00
Michele Christy
Terri Curtis$3,528.00
Junior Fitzgerald
Jack Foster
Theresa Foster
Milton Goldberg
Douglas C. Hartson, Sr.
Shirley Kirk$1,130.00
Karen Hogan Lampaney
William R. LaShomb
Alton LaVack
Jim McFadden
Eric Murdie
Mary Sue Seymour$657.00
Art Wilson/Sue Perry
Shine Sabad
Mary Sue Seymour
Mark Whyte
Theodore Williams
Walter Zeller, Jr. $2,533.00


Raising $500+ in the name of...

2016 Photo Gallery

Claxton Hepburn Hospital
Team Yellow Rose$250
Ted's Team$863
Team David$200
Community Bank$253
Edward's Knox Softball$456
Petal Patrol$500
Team NYSARC$60
Pine Street$75
St. Mary's School$135
Kinney #5$180
Kinney #17$50
Kinney Administration$675
Canton Central$3551
Lisbon Central$2000
N-N Central $495

Team Totals

For Teams and Individuals


$60,000 RAISED AT the 2016 

Edward I. Moses Walk /Run for Life!


What each team raised for the cause!

Top 10 Fundraisers

E.I. Moses Superstars!

St. Lawrence County Cancer Fund

It was another sunny day as the 2016 participants struck out and walked for the cause! See the starting gun go off (left), or photos and details below!

Home of the Edward I Moses Walk/Run for Life

1.  Samantha (Sami) Curtis        $3,028.00
2.  Tammy Campbell                  $2,153.00
3.  Theresa Pennnyfeather          $1,618.00
4.  Brent Deso                            $1,605.00
5.  Beverly Sabad                       $1,434.00
6.  Cindy Murdie                        $1,380.00
7.  Logan Hill                             $1,166.33
8.  Bradon Garrow                      $1,150.00
9.  Virginia Reed                        $1,121.00
10. Elaine Perry                         $1,118.00


Team Gladle$2303
Shiney's Girls
Team Eric
Team Garrow$2225
30 Milers$1738
The Stumps$2355
Ryan's Team$778
JR's Team$600
Perry/Foster Team
Team LaShomb$1675
Mark Whyte Team$1400
Team Terri$725
Walking for Walt$2233
Team Michele$1245.75

Douglas C. Hartson, Sr. Award (Top Fundraiser)
Samantha Curtis
Roscoe Stowell, Jr. Award (Top Student Fundraiser)Samantha Curtis
Duane Garrow Award (Top Fundraiser – 13 and under)
Bradon Garrow$1,150.00
Ryan Saidel Award (Top School)
Canton Central$3,528.63
Bonnie Hayden Award (2nd place School)
Lisbon Central$2,000.00
Terri Curtis Award ($10,000.00 cumulative in years of participation)
Brent Deso$1,605.00
Shirley Kirk Award (Top Kinney Drugs Employee)
Nancy Garrand$815.00
Taylor Cup (Top Kinney Team)
Top Fundraising Team
Team Eric$9,090.00